Thursday, 9 February 2012

Little Quilts

Carrying on with the little quilts theme I'm sampling the graphic line look that is so fashionable at the moment it suits my doodling way of drawing. Not sure where this is going ( probably in the bin) but I will follow it through to the bitter end  and hope that  something it sparks something a bit more original.

This is the UFO that I am going to finish this week ( birthday celebrations permitting). The exciting thought is that I am getting a new camera  from the dearly beloved , the only problem with that is - do I go for the Canon G12 or the Nikon 71000. Don't you think that with all the reviews and advice on cameras online that it makes choosing all the more difficult? Either way it is a big investment and the one item I use almost daily so I don't want to get it wrong. My five year old Sony Cybershot has been a good friend but somehow the imaging doesn't seem as vibrant anymore. 

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