Sunday, 26 February 2012

Well that went well.

I ran my embroidered bead course on Saturday afternoon at my local Guild meeting. I was optimistically expecting a turn out of about sixteen members and all of a sudden I was looking at about twenty four people. Very challenging to pass on what is essentially a very tiny but intense sewing experience to a very wide range of abilities and all in less than two hours. I didn't need to worry because everyone entered into the fun of it with the more experienced needle women assisting the 'newbies' and at the end of it all everyone was well on the way to producing a lovely colourful bead. The challenge is for everyone to produce their most beautiful bead by the time we have our exhibition in October and they will be displayed altogether as a joint piece of work.

Saturday evening was spent at a dear friend's 60th birthday party. All dressed in 60's style except for me, I dressed in 80's clothes claiming not to remember anything before that time. (Actually quite near the truth).  Friday evening was spent tie -dying t-shirts for dearly beloved and turning his denims into flower power bell bottoms. I must say that apart from less hair he looked quite the part as he easily fits into his 32" jeans (much to my envy).

Today was full on family - number 1 daughter home from London for the weekend and looking just like a young Cilla Black at yesterday's party. Grandsons and parents were here for the day. Most of the time, apart from a long lunch, was spent turning the boys into Harry Potter and Hiccup the Viking for a school dress up day next week. No bought costumes here, everyone joined in and made the boys some wonderful garments and accessories thanks to their mum's relentless scouring of charity shops for materials for us all to use. Great fun and laughter - a day to remember.
Another reason  to remember today is my Son's 36th birthday. The first one that I have not seen him in person. Thank goodness for Scype. A very confusing thirty minute call with us all trying to wish him happy birthday at the same time.

Shanghai feels along way away today.
He is as lovely now as he was when I took this photo some 34 years ago. 


  1. The class was great - I loved every minute and it was a delight to do a bit of hand sewing for a change. Glad you enjoyed the rest of the weekend x

  2. Hi,love the beads and would love to have a go ! Do you have a tutorial on these......??
    chris richards