Friday, 8 February 2013

A Series In the Making

I'm still stitching away at these vintage fabric pieces. When I sat down last week to mindlessly stitch  I didn't realise I had a series in the making. Of course mindless stitching is a misnomer really. Although it doesn't feel like the brain is engaged when sewing without a planned outcome, what actually appears is all the imagery and influences stored in the subconscious. I'm seeing a lot of this kind of work about at the moment  and this is simply my version of it.
 I am stitching the work in just one thread, a fat reel of linen tucked into my hand  ( thank you Linda) at the last Calico meeting. I was feeling pretty dreadful and I left after 20 minutes or so but that reel of thread has engaged me for the past two weeks.

I  think this one will be finished this weekend. I have another background already laid out but I need to give my fingers a rest  before I tackle the stitching!
I hope I feel back to normal next week, I'm so looking forward to 'Textiles in Focus' at Cottenham. I've planned  to go on Sunday 17th. Anyone else going on that day?


  1. I'm going to TIF on the Sunday too :-) I've got a workshop with Lynda Monk in the morning but I'll look out for you. I'll try and remember to bring my name badge with me (it hangs round my neck). I hope you feel better by next week. You've just given me an idea for a little bit of portable stitching to take with me on a bus trip tomorrow. I hate not having a little project with me. Enjoy TIF if I don't bump into you there.

  2. I'm going to be there all 3 days and teaching on 2 days so please do drop by and say hi! Xx

  3. hiya, julie, wendy and I are going on sunday, we are at a workshop in the morning, julie says we should wear our name badges- so look out for tina I l be the one carrying all the shopping see ya