Saturday, 2 February 2013

This Is no 'Raggy'

I have been stitching relentlessly ( in between coughing and spluttering) and I can say amazingly - I really like this piece. I'm my biggest critic normally but for once I'm totally happy with the outcome. It was meant to be a mindlessly stitched 'raggy' but it  has turned out to be a finished piece in it's own right, I shan't be cutting this one up!
Tomorrow I shall sew this to the canvas - all over. Using invisible thread I will meld it to the back ground and then using some modelling paste I will fill and grade the edges so that it sinks into the canvas.

We have been told that this virus lasts for two weeks at the infectious stage so we are in self imposed quarantine. Despite feeling so unwell we  have enjoyed the quiet days in the warm workroom over the last week or so. Husband building the most incredibly complex ship I have ever seen  and me making a spectacular mess all around him. I'm painting papers in between stitching and flaking out every couple of hours or so. When I feel back to normal (whatever that is?) I will post the painted paper tutorial, in the meantime what can I get up to next - oh there is that machine quilting to do, I feel a bit more procrastination coming on.   


  1. Gosh,you are really firing on all cylinders at the moment aren't you, can I have some of your virus please,?..Tina

  2. Love this piece and I like the way that you are going to mount it. Almost worth having the virus for if it produces results like this.