Saturday, 16 February 2013

Series Progress

No emails or blogger for the past three days - thank goodness for eldest son calling to collect the grandsons after a sleepover this morning. Two minutes of frantic typing (which went completely over my head) and everything is working again.
Back to the stitching, this is the third piece in the series. I think that I will do another one because being a square format means that they will look better hung as a square if you see what I mean.

If I had the time I would re-do this pic. but dinner party tonight to cook for, Cottenham tomorrow to look forward to and a friend coming round on Monday for a workroom day means that blogging has to take a back seat this weekend. It's good to have some energy back after the past three weeks of not feeling well.


  1. ........These are great! Perfect!!

  2. Glad you are staring to feel better. Lovely pieces which will definitely look good displayed as a square.