Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Just get it done!

This is the final piece in this series and I'm running out of interest and compatible scraps of fabrics. The Victorian broderie anglaise on the sides started off a stark white, a little dye paint toned it down. The daisy trim in the middle is very grey and it won't take dye because it's polyester so I will paint it with acrylics to tone in with the daisy shapes in the other three canvasses and that blue is just a bit much, so when I come to stitch that area I'll probably tone it down with a layer of white cotton organza which will take a dye paint if I need to knock it back even more. I've dispensed with the vylene in the sandwich of fabrics I'm simply using a layer of cotton, soft batting and the vintage scraps on top. It is hard on fingers sewing into this piece with relatively small stitching but it needs the bulk of the layers to add to the texture.
 I already have an eye to the next piece of work. I want to intensify this palette of colours so I have started to collect some fabrics and bits together with a view to working on a much larger canvas.

The beads came from the African fabric stand at Cottenham  last Sunday. Despite not being on top form I enjoyed the show and the exhibits and most definitely the retailers. It was also good to put faces to some of my fellow bloggers. Luckily  the weather was more than kind on the day as the exhibits were in a separate building. I thought  the layout fragmented the show somewhat but that is just an observation, it didn't seem to be an issue for others so maybe it was just me feeling a bit fragile.  


  1. Your series of textiles on canvases are beautiful, so much texture and I love the blue.

  2. This looks lovely - I can't wait to see the finished series! I hope you feel better soon xx

  3. The fabrics in your new piece look tantalising, I shall look forward to seeing it develop. Thanks for seeking me out at TIF. I was sorry you weren't feeling too well, I hope you're managing to shake off whatever the lurgy is. There are so many bugs going round at the moment. The new layout at the exhibition was a bit disconcerting but I thought the Atrium was a better place for the main exhibitions, last year the room(s) they were in felt a bit cramped. Thank goodness it was dry weather though or it wouldn't have been fun. Hope you're feeling back to your usual self soon and that your sore throat is a thing of the past.

  4. This is looking really good although I agree that the intense blue at the top draws the eye. Lovely purchases from Cottenham.