Friday, 22 February 2013

Moving On

Busy, busy crafting day. I thought I would trawl round my usual  haunts today to top up my vintage scraps, but no car! A quick look on ebay provided me with all my needs but it's not the same as the pleasure of hunting through the dross to find a gem or two. Actually I'm glad husband needed the car, I've had such a productive day. Starting with the end of the vintage series. I'm considering doing a similar series on a much larger scale (I must be crazy). 

I've been soda ashing old sheets in preparation for dyeing for a printing class I'm doing for the Guild in March. ( I like to be prepared up front) then tearing them into A3 size. I couldn't resist getting the dyes out, then the printing blocks and the fabric paints and before I knew it I was printing for England and I now have a stash for future work prepared.

Nothing like a potato masher bleach discharge and over dyed with procion to start with, I used a little acrylic white on top to define the print, hopefully once I stitch, it won't shout potato masher at me. 

I chose the thinnest most worn sheet areas to print on and these will provide fragile scraps for future work.

Some will be stitched into and others provide backgrounds.

Linda Monk to look forward to at the Guild tomorrow I'm sure we will have a good turnout.


  1. Your stitching looks beautiful Pam and I love the fabrics you are creating, especially where it is so worn. Much to look forward to. Enjoy Lynda's visit to your guild and tell her I said hi! Have a good weekend.

  2. Who said potato mashers were just for potatoes. Fab results to my eyes.

  3. oooh, linda monk, youl have lots of fragile lacy stuff, we had a great time with her last week, you certainly are productive, I have hideaus lurgy- think I may be dieing....