Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Good Week

A snippet of sketchbook pages to celebrate the end of an online course with Dionne Swift.I really feel that a small mental step has been made this week and that is surely what this crafting journey is about. I work really hard to improve my work but it only happens in very tiny increments, no flashing light bulb moments for me and I'm happy with that. I hope I will know when I'm good enough to make that leap from student to artist (and that I have enough life left to achieve it, ha ha). I 'm enjoying the journey anyway.

I'm about to start another sketchbook using the processes I've worked through this week but this one will be more experimental - less good taste colours - more about ideas and less about the book itself. I won't show any more work from this course it would not be fair to dilute it for anyone thinking of taking it. I thank Anita Bruce for pointing me in the direction of Dionne Swift.


  1. Wow, these are dynamic fascinating images Pam and will give you lots more to explore. I've signed up for this course in April and will probably do the June one too. Can't wait to get started looking at what you've achieved. I would say you already are an artist. We never cease to be students.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I have just signed up for the class starting in April. Can you please email me as I need to let Dionne have your details for the recommendation and can't find yours in my contacts!

  3. Hi

    Which course did you do exactly? I follow Dionne on Twitter so am aware of her work. I could do with another class. Been a year since I did the last C&G in Creative Textiles. I do need someone to 'push' me forward.


  4. Love the work you've posted here, Pam. (loved it when you posted these images in the 'classroom' on Dionne's class as well!!). Thanks for visiting my blog and I am looking forward to following your artistic journey as well. I've often checked out your blog but now it's so great to have this more personal contact. I have to say, another benefit of Dionne's classes is all the wonderful people I have met. And from all around the world as well. Textile art isn't as well respected over here as it is in the UK, but we're getting there!! Onward with the journey!!! Keep in touch!!