Monday, 25 March 2013

Quilting at Last

Remember this!! Finally I'm facing it and attacking the quilting on Isla's bedcover. Not easy on a machine with such a narrow bed, but by doing it half an hour at a time is making the stress on my neck bearable. It really helps to have it set up semi permanently so I can dip in and out of stitching. The quilting will not bear up to close scrutiny but I'm not displeased with it.  I will wash the quilt when I have finished to slightly shrink the stitching to give that lovely ripple texture. As I have said many times before I am not a quilter, I don't have that meticulous nature to produce the kind of technical perfection that I admire so much, but it is made with love and I'm sure it will be enjoyed.
Lovely workroom day with my friend Paula, we have been investigating 'the square' via drawing, printing and filling sketchbooks. Today we moved onto fabrics. Total bliss laying up textiles and over printing to make a base into which we will each start stitching next week.

As you can see I'm going down the grid route, as I'm ever so slightly fixated on them at the moment.
I will have a break over Easter from crafting.The grandsons expectations of a treasure hunt to exceed last year's will take some thinking about. I had planned on them digging over the veg. patch to find their buried eggs but as it's under several inches of snow I think an indoor hunt will be on the cards this year!


  1. You sound like my sort of quilter... I don't have the patience and skill for that sort of precision either. But your quilt looks beautiful!

  2. I love the quilt your working on.....can you tell me when you first posted it that I can see more about it.......I really enjoy your have a great variety of interesting posts.......Cathy

  3. LOL digging over the veg patch............clever thinking LOL love it!
    Amazing colours in your grid........beautiful.
    And the quilt looks so lovely........Im like you, perfectly quilted doesnt necessarily appeal to me, somehow its more art quilt that way, than stitched with warmth, love and generosity from the heart.

  4. Your quilt is beautiful, so lovely and bright and I admire you for having the patience/determination to work on it in small sessions. I always flog the quilting to death to get it over with as I don't enjoy that part much. You're right about washing it making it ripply. I've just made a quilt for a new nephew and washed it yesterday. My quilting looks much better now! Your grid does look beautiful, the layers appear to float. I will be interested to see where you go next.

  5. The quilt is beautiful I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated and loved. The prints are very vibrant and I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  6. You may not consider yourself a quilter but the quilt is gorgeous. Love the way that they printing layers are so 3D