Monday, 11 March 2013

On a bit of a roll.

Play day Monday with my friend Paula. We are both exploring layers in our own individual ways. I seem to be making sketch book pages in my sleep at the moment, these are works in progress ready for another layer of print or stitch to be added tomorrow. I will  keep going on sketchbooks till I run out of inspiration and then see how they have inspired my next project whatever that may be.
I'm also getting ready for a printing day at the Guild this coming weekend. It's quite a feat of logistics to set up a printing workshop so I'm compiling lists, equipment and materials, determined that I won't forget anything. I hope that the weather is a bit kinder on the day, it feels like the arctic here today.


  1. You have been very busy with these pages. They look full of potential. Your workshop sounds exciting, I hope it goes well. It's arctic here too and snowing on and off but I think that is going to pass through.

  2. The layering is looking so rich on the pages. Good luck with the workshop, sounds exciting.