Sunday, 31 March 2013

An Outing and a Bargain!

Yesterday  was a perfect Saturday for me. It started off with a trip over to The Bramble Patch to see the 'Orientation' exhibition  by the 'SiX and Friends' group. Because I follow various blogs attached to this group I was already somewhat familiar with imagery of the work, but nothing prepared me for them in 'real life'.
The works of Hilary Beattie, Ineke Berlyn, Laura and Linda Kemshall, Edwina Mackinnon, Catherine Nichols, Annabel Rainbow, Stephanie Redfern and the late Marie Roper were sumptuous, rich in detail and thought provoking. Stephanie Redfern's work was a particular revelation to me as it was very mixed media, I loved the way she combines varying textures of paper, drawing, textiles and stitch.
As we were only twenty miles away from Milton Keynes after the seeing the exhibition, we both had an Ikea moment. Now you either love or hate Ikea, John and I adore it. We don't usually visit on a bank holiday Saturday (it's crazy) but couldn't pass up the opportunity. Boy was it busy! We needed to stock up on basics like table napkins and batteries, it was more a visit to check out ideas than to buy anything major. The last thing you do before leaving Ikea (apart from paying ) is check out the bargain section. I picked up a heavy piece of fabric which caught my eye. It wasn't priced but a very busy assistant checked it out for me. £4.95 for 5 metres of fabric. It looked like it had been a display piece.

I now have a lovely double sided panel separating my dining room from the work room. It was great to burn the midnight oil last night sewing this whilst John set up the indoor Easter egg hunt for today. I'm not too tired today so I guess some energy is returning at last.
Happy Easter! 


  1. Excellent bargain, love it,am now chocked out, to lazy to sew, so reading all the blogs in the world, tuff job but someone's got to do it....

  2. Looks good, a real bargain. Hope to get to Bramble Patch soon. Sounds like an excellent exhibition.

    1. You have to be quick Bev. The Orientations exhibition is only on until the 6th April (I think that's next week!)

      Then I think it's off to the Minerva Gallery (I think that is North Wales). But I have already seen it twice, and if you can get to Minerva it is still worth popping over to BP if you can make it (well, in my view at least).

  3. So glad you enjoyed the BP. It is fabulous isn't it. And so glad that you found a bargain at Ikea! I work 5 minutes away so I do pop down sometimes after work when the crowds are bearable. But I rarely browse. I am usually on a mission - in - focus - out! Still, loving that Fabric. It is also worth it for stocking up on calico - not good quality but cheap!! I use it for a lot of my paper work - as a backing for the tissue paper.

  4. What a bargain, almost makes it worth paying Ikea a visit! Glad you enjoyed the exhibition. I may go on Saturday as I know they have new pieces that were not at the Needleforge Museum.