Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A Little Domesticity

Just in case it appears that I do nothing but craft (true most of the time) yesterday I had to get the house ready for the grandsons arrival tomorrow and the Easter celebrations. I was bed changing when I noticed that the pillowcases were looking a bit shabby. As I had the machine set up for quilting it was no big deal to run up eight new ones using one of my huge vintage sheets. All well and good but then I remembered that little logo on the french linen chair covers I made. So the morning was spent cross stitching initials on to each pillow case. It pleased me!

This old sheeting is so much better quality than my original pillow cases despite the fact that they were John Lewis 'finest'. It's a relative term.
I declare the sketch book season finally over after burning the midnight oil last night, making yet more pages, to fill my 'squares' book. I've spent the morning putting together the relevant pages for each book.

I've decided that the thing that appeals most about them to me is the sight of these fat books spilling out ideas and when I just catch  glimpses of the page edges it makes my heart race with all the possibilities inside.

Enough! Move on!  

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  1. I do envy your ability to work in these sketchbooks. I do it in my head but the reality never seems to happen!