Thursday, 2 May 2013

Go East

I'm still immersed in completing all ufo's ( those that are worth completing) and discarding no hopers. It's a very freeing thing to do. I have two pieces that are never going to make the grade and consigning them to the samples box has been a great relief. 
Today I have finished the fastening on my China book, and completed several more pages, I particularly like the little drawing on the bottom right of an  Acer branch, that's bursting it's buds on the deck outside my workroom, very oriental looking. A lovely warm afternoon to sit and sketch. I think I'm ready to stitch the book together and that will be another project complete. I'm clearing the decks as I'm off to Ullapool at the back end of this month. When I come back it will be ' Drawing to Stitch' with Dionne and I'm planning on starting a couple of new pieces leading on from this course. 
I've also been playing with some mixed media cameo's,  I need to get the image transfer to my liking (it's not fragmented enough) I will do some more of these 7" x 5" canvas boards they are good fun to do and make excellent pressies.


  1. I love the little blue group - a great collection of contrasting images. Enjoy Ullapool - a beautiful place. May the sun shine and the rain (or snow) stay away....!

  2. Lovely pages in your book, very evocative. A holiday and then another class with Dionne!! What could be better! Enjoy!