Friday, 28 June 2013

Evening Light

After a hectic day, a stroll around the estate is a great way to relax. The light is disappearing fast but the colours are so intense, the blues and yellows look ethereal in the evening gloom. After the continual rain of today it's hard to believe tomorrow is going to be warm and dry, it had better be. I have a lot of people coming to lunch to greet the home-comers.
Lots of cooking today but I still managed a couple of hours on the embellisher attempting a piece of work that will mark the end of Dionne's workshop. Very complex piece of work which I will post if I can pull it off, if not it will be a sample or I'll cut it up ( those famous words).

I'm trying to find some time to work on this drawing inspired by the shepherds purse and poppies that I have been weeding from the garden. The drawing will have to wait - family time is precious.

1 comment:

  1. Ooooh ...! What I've missed while I've been away on holiday. I just LOVE the shepherd's purse drawing, and especially the way you've layered over other shapes and simplified the outline - beautiful! Will now look again at the coloured version in your later post.
    Your work is fantastic! Gosh I really will have to make the time for the next Dionne Swift Drawing for Stitch course.