Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Long Day

This is the longest Sunday ever, my son and daughter-in-law were due home at tea-time, the plane is running three hours late. So some drawing/doodling was called for to pass the time.Necklaces, Acer leaves, some plastic netting that the garlic was wrapped in, and of course a crochet lace doily. It has given me a couple of hours of amusement.
Barney and Kate  have landed and will be home around 10.30pm, so not long to go now. I've cooked enough for a small army and they have just text me that all they want is toast. It's their breakfast time, I'd forgotten the eight hour time difference. Never mind it will  save me cooking tomorrow. I'm very happy to have them both home!


  1. Lovely doodling out of a tricky situation ... Enjoy them when they do arrive.

  2. Well done, you, to keep yourself busy with such lovely results whilst waiting. (I usually indulge in creative cuticle play and end up with nothing to show but chewed fingers!!! Sigh.) You are going to have so many lovely pieces...such a great class...what fun!!
    Hope you are enjoying having your cherubs home again. Easier to rest when they're back in the fold, n'est-ce pas?!

  3. Glad they arrived safely in the end.Lovely doodling.

  4. if that's doodling- I am giving up now,insist they eat all the food- before they go to bed haha.