Friday, 7 June 2013

The Garden At Number Six

I have been back for a couple of days now, most of which has been spent catching up with the garden. The builder in the bottom right pic is my husband, who over the course of this winter has dug out by hand 30 cubic yards soil to build me a sunken entertaining area, what a man! The frame for the steps has gone in today, the bark for the floor ordered and just 30' of trellis to make for the fence that will surround it. The fun will then start, we are attempting to build a pizza/ bread oven to fit into the grand plan, ready for Summer parties to begin.

I have also found time to rework several areas of this piece. It's not hard to see where the inspiration has come from, it's called 'The Garden at Number Six'. This is leading me towards the next phase of work. I know I shall be using a monochromatic palette over the next few weeks but I'm really taken with drawing and painting into my work at the moment, and Dionne Swift's course which I start on the 17th (Drawing for Textiles) will feed into my current ideas.

I have been making and repainting trellis for the garden over the last few weeks and my beads remind me of the little insect cocoons that I've found on the old fencing, so there it is, what I thought was a fairly abstract piece of work has it roots well and truly based in reality. 

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  1. What a man, indeed! That's quite a feat of achievement but it will be amazing when you have it all finished. Your garden is already beautiful. I am so excited by your new work, there is so much to see in the detail and I love the grids you have printed on and all the surface details and hand stitching. I shall enjoy working on Dionne's course with you although that leaves me with an awful lot to clear before the 17th. Maybe I should work through the night?!