Thursday, 20 June 2013

Play Time

It was  a very demanding exercise this afternoon in Dionne's workshop, which really challenged my idea of 'art' (in a good way). As a reward I have indulged myself in some pleasing (to me) drawings to relax.

Finding negative spaces is addictive.

Inverting the colours in Picassa shows up all the layers that make up the final composition.
Can you tell I'm enjoying myself?


  1. 'Demanding' - that sounds a bit worrying ;-) I'm very impressed with your drawings and can only wonder at the source.

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  3. Fabulous, I love all of the detail, so much work.

  4. These are just lovely - and negative spaces are just amazing ... I love the overlapping layers and the delicate pencil (?) lines contrasting with the filled in areas - and inverting in Picassa is a triumph ... I too would be enjoying myself in your shoes!

  5. Loving your drawings !
    yes, indulge yourself in the art you like and feel best about !

  6. Great drawings!!! Love the inversion in Picassa. Isn't this just the best class!!!