Sunday, 16 June 2013

Quiet Before the Storm

Setting up the exhibition was a fairly speedy affair yesterday, Biddy as always was well organised and the fact that we were not hanging work  meant that the whole thing was set up within an hour. I was amazed at the sheer quantity of work that came in and the finished set up looked  abundant and sumptuous.

Several people from the village visited and showed a great deal of interest and it was good to see that there were a number of young people in attendance.

Today will pass in a flash - Father's Day lunch, (cooking as I write), then I will take my turn at the stitching table in the barn this afternoon. Wouldn't you just know it - awake with sciatica most of the night, I should feel tired but all the lovely things going on have me fairly wired today, I shall probably calm down a bit tomorrow. 


  1. It looks absolutely fantastic. Glad to hear that it was well attended. Hope the sciatica has eased.

  2. Hope your sciatica has improved today and you're not too exhausted. I'm glad the exhibition went well. I think my friend Tina (SweetyPie) came to see it. I'm sorry to have missed it but life is very short just at the minute.