Thursday, 31 January 2013


A bit of a taa - daa moment first - such a pretty and feminine, piece I do hope the recipient will agree and that it pleases her.
The viral infection that husband and self are enduring is progressing apace. I feel pretty low today but these things have their own timetable and will not be rushed. An easy project is required until I'm back to my normal energy levels. It's time for a raggy! I first posted my ethos behind a raggy on June 18th 2011. Basically a comfort blanket for adults.

I made a sandwich of a lightweight vylene, some loosely made felt and laid scraps of vintage fabrics as a top layer. I tacked it all in place with invisible thread and realised that the blue embroidery was too strong for the delicate tone I wanted. I used a roller and some acrylic paint and went over the offending area a couple of times with a mucky white shade.

This piece can be bunched up in my hands and I can stitch with very little thought, to my heart's content.
I will stitch using a plain linen thread (no colour decisions to make) no expectations of a masterpiece, just some relaxing stitching for as long as I like. It may end up as a finished sample or I may do so much stitching into it that I end up cutting it up for other works.



  1. I find it almost zen-like to have some hand stitching to do and it helps me get through some of life's trickier moments. I hope you and your DH soon feel much better. The bugs this year seem to be particularly viscious.

  2. lol 'mucky white shade'

    the finished work is wonderful and the hand held looks really promising too!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, love them all. Get well quickly.