Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Wonderful Anniversary

 Husband and I have had the most precious day here in the Highlands, true - it's always an amazing place to be but yesterday was extra special. Our wedding anniversary dawned with sparkling skies and a beautiful warm breeze. We set out for the Gairloch coast  with a view to visiting the monument to the Arctic Convoys of the second world war. It sounds an odd choice of visit but it is an area of extraordinary beauty and tranquillity as well as a place of remembrance.
What we did not expect was to meet two kindred spirits on our journey in this remote part of the highlands. I    knew that someone I had been on an online course with lived out this way and we actually passed her home and studio. We called in on the off chance and I'm so glad we did, three hours later after a most convivial lunch and conversation with the most delightful and genuine couple of people, we left feeling that we were leaving old friends. It helped that by an amazing coincidence John had been to the same school as her husband and were able to reminisce about their school days. A new friend to share crafting with on my next visit in October.
We eventually carried on to the end of the peninsula and were pleased to find that several other people were visiting the monument (we are usually alone when we visit here) and to make the day even more special the wild orchids were in bloom. I never cease to be thrilled by the sight of them.
Just to outdo the orchids we also spotted the biggest bird we had ever seen - a Sea Eagle, which have recently been re-introduced to this area. They are huge and easily identified by their tail feathers and shape.

We came home to a wonderful meal of lobster and champagne, prepared by our lovely stepdaughter and husband and were so full with good food and happiness we walked down to the end of the loch with the black lab. and watched the sun set into the sea. A day to cherish and remember.


  1. Happy Anniversary both. It sounds to have been a day full of even more memories - delightful

  2. What a wonderful way to spend your special day. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  3. Sounds wonderful. Happy anniversary to you both.

  4. That's simply lovely! Congrats to you both xx