Sunday, 14 July 2013

A Busy Week Ahead

I'm writing all over my drawings, picking out bit's that work for me and bit's that don't. Adding notes on stitch possibilities and ideas for a piece of work for an exhibition coming up in October in the John Clare cottage/museum in my village. I'm concentrating on the humble weeds that grow in the hedgerows that inspired many of his poems.

Less is definitely more for what I have in mind, I shall start stitching samples on Tuesday during the 'Calico' meeting. Tomorrow I meet up with my two textile friends for our Trident meeting - we are experimenting with soluble fabrics, I may be able to slant my efforts towards this project.

This is my favourite piece so far - wallpaper lining paper with a walnut ink wash,  Promarkers and koh i nor paints. I have not finished it because I like the outlines as much as the painted parts. I think these drawings will provide enough resources for a series of work.

Thursday evening I am talking about my work at Beds. Embroidery Guild, mainly about the series of work concerned with time and memory. Definitely out of my comfort zone!


  1. These are so lovely, Pam. They bring to mind the watercolour paintings of Charles Rennie MacIntosh. Cannot wait to see where you take these!

  2. Peautiful paintings Pam. Good luck with your talk - I'm sure it will be fine and they will love you.

  3. These are all beautiful. What a lovely link - the poems of John Clare and your drawings of hedgerow plants.

    I especially like the Shepherd's purse in the top drawing and the way the colour changes as the stalks overlap with the green. It gives a fantastic sparkle and draws my eye.

    Fascinating to see where this goes... Maybe I'll make it to Peterborough again to see your exhibition in October!

  4. I wish I could come to Peterborough, too !
    Your paintings are absolutely gorgeous !!!
    I am very impressed !