Sunday, 21 July 2013

Usual Prevarication

I can't seem to get myself in a stitching frame of mind at the moment probably because I need to get stuck into some traditional embroidery for the pieces I am working on. I'm convincing myself (not) that the paintings I'm doing are all part of the investigation  process. what I really should be doing are nine pieces like this. 

They are quite small but each one takes a few hours of stitching, if I had a run at it my needlework would quickly improve (out of practise) but I'm finding all sorts of distractions. I certainly can't blame the weather, it is just right temperature wise for me, a little more light would not go amiss but that is just nit picking. 
I've been thinking of all the people who have been working through the heat wave, it must have been so uncomfortable for them. There is such a thing as too much heat and I understand there is more to come.
 We had a little rain during the night which gave me the chance to get the Zinnias and Nicotiana Sylvestris planted. These are the backbone of  the garden for late summer.
 So how can I get in the mind for stitching?


  1. And with these beautiful, beautiful drawings buzzing around in your head, I'm not surprised you can't focus on traditional stitch. I can't wait to see where it all goes.

  2. My thoughts exactly ... you are on fire !