Thursday, 25 July 2013


Inktense crayon, graphite pencil, alcohol inks and Promarker pens on cartridge paper. 30"x 20"
Too hot to think, so brain disengaged, playing with pattern, colour and form. It's quite bizarre but some areas are pleasing me. I am using this as a respite from the little crewel work pieces I'm working on.
It's interesting to digitally increase the shadow in this drawing.

The pale blue shepherds purse suddenly looks as though it has been laid over the piece - really 3D. This is turning out to be a real exploration of drawing techniques and teaching me more than the conventional route did some 10 years ago. At some stage I will just take a pencil and paper and make a plain sketch of something complex just to see what all this practise has brought to my drawing skills, or not, as the case may be. I'm certainly 'seeing' differently, whether it will make a difference remains to be seen. As I have said many times, each tiny improvement I achieve is like getting blood from the proverbial stone. 


  1. I totally understand how the heat wave affects your thoughts and actions ... last week was a killer ... couldn't do a single productive thing !
    Even taking the dust mop to the floor was a practise in futility.
    Now we have cold and cloudy skies ... but it's workable.
    Keep up the fabulous work !

  2. ... And more delights ... these are fascinating!