Monday, 29 July 2013


Busy sampling methods for laying down the herb shapes onto the background, very easy with a pen and paper, very time consuming with fabric and stitch. here I have used  free motion stitching, applique and embellished some chiffon over the shepherds purse. This would be perfect for poppies as the chiffon leaves a hairy edge mimicking the poppy stems exactly. Talking of poppies.........

My mini wild flower meadow is looking stunning at the moment, it's amazing how the torrential showers are really battering the poppies but within a couple of hours they are all looking quite perky again.

Another storm heading our way.

Such a dramatic mix of weather, the sun was pouring into my sewing room window making beautiful shadows which I considered drawing and stitching over this piece, if only I had more time. 


  1. Lovely! Our meadow was cut a few weeks ago.

    This work seems to be influenced by your course with Dionne. Am I right?

  2. Nice samples and the poppies look gorgeous.

  3. I just love all this shepherd's purse work. I've dropped in to see you after a long weekend away and am so glad to be back! It's a beautiful image.

  4. I love your wildflower meadow. How big a space is it? We let our front lawn grow to about 6" or so and it's full of wildflowers, clover, daisy, black medic, eyebright, a little purple flower that I don't know the name of, violets and others. I love seeing the bees busy from my kitchen window.