Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Day Out

A day out was needed on Saturday and the promise of a fair weekend (for once) meant that we headed off up to Yorkshire. We went to the  Mountfield Gallery in Holmfirth, home of Dionne Swift She turns her beautiful home into an art gallery for the week in aid of Macmillan support and as part of the Holmfirth Art Week.
The views from Dionne's garden are breathtaking, she lives at the top of a incredibly narrow and steep road  but the payoff is the panoramic view.


The work on show is from thirteen artists that sit well alongside Dionne's work and reflected the high standards of craftmanship that her work displays. I would have liked to bring home a piece of incredible wirework by the artist Helaina Sharpley - a complex townscape made of fine wire that just came out of the canvas at me, making me feel I was actually in the town it depicted. I would have loved to take home a couple of paintings by Paul Brown that had really captured the genus loci of his subjects.

The paperwork of Jennifer Collier was very appealing to me, I've always been drawn to her work and the little lampshades were divine. Hannah Nunn  had some very beautiful lampshades on show as well, the meticulous paper cut-work of birds, feathers and grasses, made to glow by the lighting could easily come home with me. I would also have liked the wood figures by Fiona Wilson, at least five to line up on my mantelpiece, the imagery of these figures keeps popping into my mind. Don't even get me started on the ceramics of Tone von Krogh, I want it all, the wonderful turquoise and aquas of her tactile work would fit in well with my ceramic collection.

So what did we come home with?

A piece by Dionne of course! It was a joint purchase and John loved this piece as much as I did.
Of course we would also have liked to bring these home as well.


  1. Oh how I envy you - it sounds like a wonderful day out - and a lovely piece of Dionne's work into the bargain. I will put her studio onto my must visit list ....

  2. Indeed, total envy here. A lovely day out, a piece of Dionne's work, wow....what a coup!!! Well done, you!!!

  3. you lucky, lucky bean!!! I wish I could have gone, definatly next year, tina

  4. Thank you for sharing your visit to Dionne's studio. I know you will enjoy owning her work as much as I love the piece I bought from her online sale a while ago. I would love that last group too!