Wednesday, 31 July 2013


No pics today, just wondering what is happening to my blog. I usually bimble along quite happily with an average of 80 hits per day, more if I've just blogged, less if I haven't. In the last three days I have had 5000 hits all from Germany. In my audience stats I see that  3 very adult content sites have appeared. There must be a lot of people out there expecting to see something other than a craft site. Any one with any thoughts as to why this has happened? These sites have appeared on my Kindle Fire also. I wish I had more understanding of what is happening to my stats.


  1. I wonder if Mugwump has different connotations in German?

  2. I think you've been the victim of referer spam and, if so, it's not a good idea to click on the links as that is what they're after - more publicity for their very unsavoury websites. There's no one out there looking at your site, they're just touting for business. I've found if you ignore them, they go away - or come back with a different address, maybe. You can check out the sites by typing their addresses into Google and seeing what transpires.

    I've had refer spam - though not in the quantity you mention - and became suspicious at the strange pattern of some of the peaks. When I investigated one of the sites, Google came up with referer spam as the cause.

    If it is referer spam, Google suggests it's not harmful as long as you ignore it - just annoying and rather discomforting. I've no idea how it works but in my stats, it comes and it goes!

  3. I have had the same issues but am interested to read that it's best to just ignore it. It's totally put me off blogging I'm afraid, but I'm also glad to read that they'll go away in time. It is somewhat disconcerting to click on the stats and discover the 'very adult content sites' isn't it? But I have been assured that no one who is checking into my blog can see them, so perhaps I'll just try and ignore it and settle back into regular blogging. Reassuring, in a bizarre way (!!) to read your comments.