Friday, 16 November 2012

Fabric Printing

A blissful day of printing yesterday with a really good friend. We are both involved in running a short workshop for our local Emb, Guild. She has already run the first part - 'making your block' and I shall run the second part 'printing with your block'. Not rocket science I know, a simple potato print demonstrates the principal easily but there are a bewildering number of mediums to work in and I want to demonstrate as many as possible in my sample book. On the day we will print with acrylic paint and a fabric medium but it will be useful to discuss and actually see what kind of result can be obtained by using fabric paints, thickened procion dyes or simple printing pads. Lots of experiments to come. I have used all of these mediums over the years and each has it's place and pros and cons.

The last days of Autumn are upon us here and I've been watching a neighbouring Liquamber gradually undressing itself from the top down. I think next weeks high winds will put paid to the last of it's leaves. This must be one of the most colourful of trees even rivalling the acers for it's blaze of fire farewell.
It makes me think of this wonderful James Hawkings painting that is so evocative of this time of the year. It has been my screen saver throughout Autumn, I think that I must start browsing his winter portfolio very soon.   

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