Tuesday, 20 November 2012

First Altered Book

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 I was the only person at the workshop who didn't start a book. I think I was overwhelmed by the numbers and certainly overwhelmed by all the possibilities. As usual I was taking everything in and by the end of the meeting I knew where I wanted to go with this genre. It was important for me to set myself an objective. I challenged myself to make something beautiful using the minimum amount of materials. I do realise that beauty is very subjective and that my idea of it may not be the same as everyone elses but it was my challenge to myself and this is what I came up with.
I used white and a little blue acrylic paint, the Telegraph travel supplement,
glue, a set of metallic rubs, one home-made stamp,a small piece of voile and one gel pen. Limiting my choices made me focus my efforts.
I usually have a phrase going through my head  that I come to associate with each piece of my work that I do, this one was inspired by hearing an old Marianne Faithful (now that immediately dates me) song on the radio last week, 'As Tears Go By' the first line of which is 'It is the evening of the day'. That helped me see the whole piece complete with a subtle sunset in the background.
I have started another one which will be very different to this, it should occupy me for the few days left before I head for the hills.


  1. Well honestly, anyone who cant see that as beautiful..........may need to borrow my glasses!! its smashing.......inspirationally smashing!!

  2. It is stunningly beautiful and I far prefer it to those books that have every technique thrown at them.

  3. I love it - it is so serene and gentle! Your post made me go and pull up Marianne Faithful on youtube and I can see what you mean! Fabulous x