Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Two Down One to Go.

One edelweiss inspired piece finished. It started out with out any real purpose and turned itself into a lid for a box that I happened to have waiting in the wings.  Lots of french knots to try and capture the density and shadows from the drawings and some little glass droplets to capture the dew that had collected on our real piece of edelweiss from Jacky's garden.

The cushion is also completed I'm pleased to say but the real challenge of the matching quilt has not started yet. I have no real deadline for it so I shall have some 'thinking time' before I make a start.
I think a period of making lots of sample pieces is coming up. I generally go on to use these in my composite work such as Sylvia's Box. I want to try my hand at blackwork, canvas work and to take my needlelace practise a bit further. All good pursuits for winter hibernation.  


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