Friday, 2 November 2012

Almost There

A piece of work nearing completion.
This cushion cover was worked for a challenge I set for the Trident group that I belong to. I posted some six weeks ago at the start and now I only have to make up the piping and get the thing finished. I can't wait to see the other two versions of this on Friday. Click on the picture to see the detail - photography in the evening light not good.
I've hand quilted with white coton a broder and am reasonably pleased with the outcome. Only reasonably because my stitching seems to be more and more uneven. I want my needle to work at the same speed as a pencil to achieve a lively, dynamic look but I want perfect stitching as well. One or the other has to suffer. I think the more drawing I do the more I'm dissatisfied with a static piece of embroidery.
The child's bedspread I've made using this same motif is also moving along,
Sarah at Beecrafty helped me layer up the batting and backing yesterday so I will soon be going into battle by freemotion quilting it on a domestic machine. Sarah also reminded me that I need to produce a requirements list for my button class next week. 
I don't do much teaching (I'd far rather be taught). Teaching is hard work, it's not the stuff you see in a class but all the work that goes round running a course. Writing objectives, lesson plans, handouts and requirement lists, to say nothing of amassing and transporting the kit required. I have great admiration for anyone running properly constructed courses for a living but find that I only have the energy to run two or three a year.
I have agreed to run a course for the local Emb.Guild in March - Printing on Fabric. A huge subject to attempt in a two hour class. The work starts now to ensure that I am giving the best possible instruction and making it fun at the same time.
This afternoon in the company of my grandsons I made a positive and negative block to start filling a journal for the course. They were doing the most intricate drawings of monsters,death,warfare and destruction but I guess that's boys for you and at least they were using their very vivid imaginations. This was one of  five year old Flynn's masterpieces. It took him ten minutes to explain it all to me.( I shouldn't have asked). I do love the mark making though and can see that he already has a good colour sense.


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