Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Vintage Baby Dress

You know how one thought leads to another, yesterday I was thinking about combining crochet, embroidery and fabric when I realised this would make a fabulous mix for some dresses I had promised to make for my first great grand daughter Isla who is now several weeks old. I had some beautiful very fine cashmere tweed (just enough) and my lovely but diminishing stash of Liberty 'Hera' fabric circa 1964 and some crochet flowers that I made a couple of years ago.  

In the early seventies this was called a pinafore dress and was worn with thick tights and a long sleeve tee-shirt. It just reminded me of my late mum at that time, making clothes from old dresses and curtains for the grandchildren, boys included, who wore flowery dungarees made by her. She would have adored to work with the luxury fabrics I have access to today.
Very cute, very retro and made with love.



  1. that is absolutely beautiful, one very lucky baby methinks

  2. Beautiful work and such gorgeous colour.

  3. Absolutely perfect. She will be a very stylish baby.(But great grandaughter? You are far too young!)