Monday, 5 November 2012

Usual Prevarication

Twenty days until I'm back in the Highlands again ( for five weeks) and I have so much I want to do in the meantime. The low light levels yesterday left me craving colour and although the printing blocks I made a few days ago were pretty low on my priority list, they provided an instant hit of happiness. I used acrylics with a bit of silkscreen medium (to keep the paint from drying too quickly) and when they were dry I used my Inktense pencils to beef up the colours even more.

Just two blocks have given me a huge range of papers to play with before I get down to printing on fabric.

Today I met up with Jackie and Jean (Trident group) and had a relaxing day working on the theme of Edelweiss - Jackie is an alpine grower with great knowledge and skill on the subject so it was appropriate that for her challenge to us it was this strange alien looking  plant. We have each come up with a different approach to the subject and have agreed to be finished for our next meeting on the 23rd of this month. I started with a few drawings to familiarise myself with the basic structure of the plant and used my felter to make a quick background. I'm glad I decided to work small for once.

Lot's of stitching to do on this piece but I'm sure I'll make the deadline.


  1. I love your collection of prints... so cheery.

  2. Your blocks are beautiful and the colors are so happy :)
    I'm glad I found your blog . . . just saw the clock . . . got to run, but will be back another day... please visit, I love making new friends..
    Blogging Grandma, Connie :)

  3. I love that edelweiss! perfect background idea too....