Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A Bit Surreal

This piece started out as - field/meadow/grasses/ ox-eye daisies, it's all gone a bit bizarre. It still has all the elements, well, perhaps not the daisies but it was fun to do and I'm not working to a brief so a bit of play was allowed.

I added some layers of sheers to the background and over stitched again so that there are several layers of complexity to feast my eyes on. I tried my daisy idea but it looked too sweet, so out came the foils and alcohol inks and a couple of hours later I was ready to place a mount on top to see what I had made. Now I have taken a photo I can see that in one or two  areas the sheers need burning back a bit more, but I shall declare it more or less done before I ruin it completely. Not a masterpiece, but given the weather outside, an enjoyable day in the workroom.


  1. Its smashing! That background works so well and allows the lush foreground to look almost 3D. Must try that background technique lol

  2. I think you're too hard on yourself. It looks good to me. Interesting technique.

  3. Lovely - really vibrant colour and I can sense the texture...