Saturday, 4 May 2013

Garden Focus

I often wander around the garden at this time of year with a piece of white board in my hands, it can be so hard to capture the beauty of a single bloom when everything in the borders is so rampant. It's quite a feat to hold the board in one hand and the camera in the other but it makes for a pleasing shot to focus on one thing at a time.

The woodland border is at it's best over the next month, the Solomons Seal is almost ready to unfurl as are the North American  gems I have planted over the years. The delicate looking leaves in the bottom right corner belong to my quince tree, it has the most softest, downiest blush pink blooms which are about to burst into flower.......and then the frost will get them and I will be quince-less for yet another year. However this could be the year of the quince and that is what gardening is all about - hope over common sense (I live in a frost trap). 
I'm having a low key bank holiday weekend, husband and self full of cold and sneezes but we are enjoying pottering about in the sunshine and each others company.


  1. What lovely, fresh, clear photos. I love the way they tile next to one another and make contrasts - also like the white board idea.... must try that.

  2. ... and a small personal question - Have you always lived in or near Peterborough? I grew up and went to school there.

  3. Lovely photographs Pam. I've got some honesty growing in my garden thi syear too, I think the seed may have come from my Mum's garden, and my Solomons Seal is in about the same state as yours. I thought I had lost it so I'm really pleased to see it unfurling. I hope you and your husband soon shake off your colds. I have spent today on the sofa feeling very sorry for myself with a similar bug. I shall take a leaf out of your book and shift myself into the garden tomorrow.

  4. Lovely photos. Good tip about the white board too.