Monday, 20 May 2013


This is a piece I have been working on since last Thursday - it came about from a stack of samples from my inspiration board. As I was clearing them away I was struck by the colour palette they had been worked in. Although they were widely varying in technique I wondered if I could create a cohesive 'whole' from them.

36" x 12"

I laid out the design very quickly, I knew I wouldn't have time to faff about with different ideas. I'm relying on over-printing, hand and machine stitch to bring it all together.I laid the design on a piece of wool so that I could use my felting machine to tack everything to the base fabric. Normally I would spend hours using tiny stitches to do this part but I want this piece finished before my trip to the Highlands so short cuts are the order of the day. The fact that these samples have been stitched to start with, means that the layers in this piece are building up very quickly. 
It hasn't told me it's title yet but I'm sure it will before I'm finished with it. 


  1. What a brilliant idea, those colours sing. Love it.

  2. What lovely, colourful stuff - as Penny says, it sings. There's nothing like really strong primary colours to lift the heart.
    I especially like the grid layout at the top. Very effective!

  3. Wow ... what a beauty !!!
    It has spoken to you loud and clear !
    Hand and machine stitches will be a fabulous binder ... have fun !
    You obviously loved the colours the first timeso it might be hard not to 'muddy' them with over-printing.
    Looking forward to the finished piece !

  4. Oh my, this is going to be a wonderful piece. And what a great idea!!! Can't wait to see it as it progresses! More please!

  5. Lovely pieces individually and they work so well together. Enjoy the stitching.