Saturday, 18 May 2013

Darling Buds of May

By the time I got home from this afternoons Guild meeting the sun had finally broken through the grey clouds. So armed with my trusty white board and camera, a little stroll round the estate was called for. The late spring plants are all at the point of bud burst and are being held at this stage by the cool temperatures. One warm day and everything will open together. 
Last year I spent several days weeding alliums out of the main borders I was sure I got everyone of them,
apparently not! There are hundreds of them. I know they are lovely but they like our soil so much that they are choking lots of little treasures out of existence. Short of sterilising the soil  I think I will have to learn to live with them. 


  1. But they're beautiful! Joyfully thrusting upward and announcing that maybe, at last, spring has arrived,

  2. Beautiful. It's very warm here today so here's hoping your buds are getting that warmth too.

  3. More of your lovely flowers photographed on a white ground. How effective that is. Much of my garden is still at the promising something but not sure what stage. I guess if I was more of a gardener, I would know what each plant was going to give us.
    As the sun is now coming out, I will have to go out and WEED ... I do know a weed when I see one!

  4. a smashing patchwork of piccies and yes I quite like the aliums too........if they seed, can i cadge some please? lol
    The swallows arrived over my back garden this afternoon.....they always fill me such pleasure to see them soaring on high.
    Id be jiggered after a 4000 mile flight!!

  5. alliums....I thought I'd removed them all from my garden as well....but no! And mine are an insipid white, not nearly so attractive as yours. At least the deer won't eat them!! Your little 'bud mosaic' is charming!!