Thursday, 9 May 2013


My bead making is getting out of hand, good job I have run out of the Evalon I make them with. It turned out that the beads that appealed to me most were free of embellishment (beads, threads etc.). The method for making them is not new or mine, I made a whole load in the nineties, but now we have Evalon and hot foils to play with, so I combined them and simply used the soldering iron as a mark making tool. By incising deeply the hot foil shows through and a rich baroque kind of bead is produced. I think that my choice of paints for the Evalon has enhanced the richness.

I think I will try some in pastel shades or even plain white, bushed over with some copper mica - the possibilities are endless

Once I had everything to hand they made up quite quickly, the ones on sticks I made this morning. My plan is to garden this afternoon however it has just started to rain...... mm,  I wonder if plastic carrier bags will make a bead. Watch this space!


  1. These are fabulous! I'd like to try some!!

  2. They are all gorgeous ... Things can so easily get out of hand I find - as with my sketch book, I think!

  3. Gorgeous, the colours really glow. And a girl can never have too many beads to choose from.

  4. Wonderful beads. My soldering iron has been languishing for too many years......