Friday, 26 October 2012

A Loch Side Studio

Among the many things I love about this place are the artists I re-connect with every time I'm here, one of my favourite people is the artist Francis Fogg.
Francis lives with her husband in a magical house, that is almost lapped by the loch. Set into the hill beside the loch is her studio - crammed to the rafters with all the makings of her art. It is visually so exciting to be in this space. The reflected light from the water, the pieces of driftwood and beach combings make little cameos of still life everywhere you look. Nautical fabrics, chalky paints, ropes, strings, shells and pebbles all add to the maritime theme that inspires her work.
Francis works in paint, paper, print, textile and driftwood montage and makes haunting imagery that instantly conjure up the West coast and Islands of the Highlands . My visit today was brief but plans were laid for working together in December when I'm next here.
Something to really look forward to. 
It snowed very gently on and off this morning until a fierce wind built up and drove the temperature down so low it bit into your skin, later the sun came out and felt warm through the window so we took the dogs for their usual run and then it hailed with a fury. We all ran back to the warmth of the Aga and I sat and made another bag to while the afternoon away before I went to visit Francis at tea time.
This is my last post from Ullapool for this trip. I hope the roads are clear for our long journey home on Sunday, I like adventures at the start of a trip not at the end. 



  1. Sounds an idyllic place for a studio. Not sure about the snow though! Have a safe journey home.

  2. It's been lovely to read your posts from Ullapool. Have a safe and uneventful trip home.