Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A bit Dreich

You would think from my last few posts that the sun always shines here - this is lunchtime today. The secret is to treat each day the same but dress accordingly, so the dogs were walked in the rain and chill and I'm so glad we did, because we got quite close to some resting birds today.
Our birdbook identified them as Turnstones.

These are Oystercatchers, stirred into flight by the youngest dog.
The dull weather meant a project needed to be found for this afternoon
A new peg bag was needed in one of the letting cottages. I found some off cuts of the Liberty peacock fabric circa. 1963 that were the original curtains in the manse when my step daughter first came here some ten years ago. I had converted these to french blinds and tucked away the odd bits and pieces left from that project. I also found some Harris tweed from cushion covers I had made for here a couple of years ago. I couldn't resist letting the Liberty logo from the selvedge be a part of the design. I hope some of the future guests will recognise that iconic fabric from the days of our youth.  




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