Sunday, 21 October 2012

Achmelvic Dreaming

Leaving Ullapool to go north  this morning I just had to capture this view as we were leaving. Looking out to the Minches and the Summer Isles - so different to the last photo I took of the same view a few days ago.
Destination Achmelvic Beach, anyone who knows me or follows my blog will have heard of my love affair with this remote part of Wester Ross. A demanding journey that takes you down eventually to this.

A white sandy beach lapped by turquoise seas, backed by  the machair of Asssynt a very special piece of our country. Spring time means the land is covered with alpine wild flowers, especially adapted to this wild landscape. Anytime of the year the beach looks like it has been untouched and unchanged by time - until you look towards the land - a worrying number of caravans seem to be proliferating. I only hope that the harshness of the climate here for at least seven months of the year keeps it as remote and untouched as it has been for the last ten years that I have known it.

My first stop is always the rangers hut to sea what has been washed up and what wild life has been spotted, followed by a mad dash over the dunes to the beach.
Even Tarka the old dog couldn't resist the lure of the water today and at 18c I couldn't blame her. The water however feels like ice-melt from the pole.

The journey home was marked by wonderful skies that just filled me with joy ( cloud gazing being another past-time).

When we got back to Ullapool we sat in the garden enjoying the last rays of a balmy autumn afternoon.
Our days are so lovely here and filled with places to go and things to do so that by evening I am content to sit and sew or draw, in a very relaxed kind of way. I want to get this cushion front finished for my next Trident meeting, I think it will be done within a couple of days, and then I can think of quilting it and making it up.
 I must show you this fabulous boiled wool scarf I bought at from a very chic little shop in Ullapool. It was made in Kashmir and sourced by the shop owner Polly Hoad who has an enviable eye for very arty, desirable clothes and jewellery.

Note to self - that is definitely my last indulgent purchase of this holiday!



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