Sunday, 14 October 2012

Melon Udrigle Sunday

Melon Udrigle beach is a Sunday destination for John and I and made even more fun by my daughter and son-in-laws's two black labradors, who we are baby sitting whilst their owners enjoy a well earned rest in Crete.

Tarka is an elderly lady who has been given a new lease on life by the arrival of Garth, a year old, full of life, young gun!
The light was incredibly intense and the temperature was freezing but it didn't stop the younger dog from chasing into the water after the waves.
After a bracing walk on the beach we take our usual track over the dunes to the 'sculpture gallery'.

You never know what will be there - today we were not disappointed.

There were two wonderful sharks? for our delight. Over the years we have seen giant crabs, dinosaurs, skeletons and figures all laid out to make up a wonderful outdoor art gallery.
The drive back takes an hour and a half  but the sensational scenery makes the journey fly by and we are soon home and warming up with wet dogs and a big pot of tea.
Some textile work is going on.

Cushion making is well under way, inspired by the wonderful fifties patterned remnants I found in Stamford just last week.




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  1. Have you any idea who does the sculpture? How wonderful of them and for you !!