Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Looking out to the Summer Isles

That was yesterday, a heavenly day spent in Lochinver with John  and Dick Lindsay. I seemed to be forever stopping to take photos - the light was really special.
Today I felt the need to work into my sketchbook. Using my favoured Ullapool motif I made two print blocks with some sticky backed foam.
A positive and a negative. Then using the two or three colours I had with me I just started to print.
The first one is a bit bland, I have to warm up my colours.

Still not wonderful but I like where the dark edges give a little depth to this one.
I want something warmer but I only have lemon, ultramarine and white with me. I think I'll try a little colour manipulation in Picassa.

There now that hits the spot for me. I think my brain is reacting to all the blue light of the past few days. I suddenly want magenta or maybe a touch of orange.




  1. No wonder you are inspired being in such a beautiful place. Loved the work at Art & Stitch... managed to pop in on my way up to Yorkshire.

  2. This is fabulous! You are truly inspired by your location!