Friday, 12 October 2012

Rhue Point on a Dreich Day

Dreich:- Grey, cold, wet through to your bones.
Just a few miles north of Ullapool is a winding road leading to Rue point overlooking the entrance to Loch Broom. It looks out on to the Minches offering a sometimes stormy ferry route to the Western Isles. This is one of our favourite view points for watching the sea and the clouds and the changing light on the mountains over the loch. A few hardy souls have made their home on this point and one of them is the artist James Hawkins.
We visited his studio this morning and enjoyed some time discussing his work with him and looking at his epic canvases that just leap off the wall at you. I could talk about his work all day and gaze at it forever. A small problem was the £8000.00 plus price tags.
I don't usually buy prints but an exception had to be made. John chose 'The South Glen Shiel Ridge' for an early christmas present from me and I chose 'Loch Beinn Deirg Strathkanaird' from him to me (win, win).
When the weather sets in like it has been today the only thing to do is sit it out in as much comfort as possible. I've spent a gentle afternoon making cushions, a very domestic and grounding thing to do after the excitement of those wonderful paintings of this morning.
The Guild Exhibition will be drawing to a close this weekend and I still have a few pics. left to show.
Another accomplished piece from Linda Meacher 'Hydrangea' blackwork with raised wire flowers.

A charming 'Minahassa Barn Owl' from Lynne Zebedee. There is quite a bit of 'Kantha' work in this exhibition a very fashionable technique at the moment.

Diane Richardson has some very evocative work on show, this piece 'SE Vende Cortijo' is much more beautiful than my photo suggests, again it was a difficult one to capture.
Finally for today an appropriately named piece 'Autumn'

This is by Kay Hall and it just 'glows'.  



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