Saturday, 6 October 2012

Guild Pictures

This piece is called Blue Moon and is by Linda Meache.r The technical skill and overall composition is quite awesome. The sheer perfection of each stitch is something I can only admire but never achieve.

This is such a chic little box by Kate Isaacs. I've heightened the colouring a little to show off the various elements and stitching.  It  really makes for  a pleasing piece of work.
I find that work behind glass so difficult to capture with my camera, take it from me that this piece of work glows. It is by Kay Hall whose machine embroidery technique is very inspirational.

' Busy Bees' worked by Shiela Merrill is stitched with perfection and overall makes such a pleasing composition that it is catching the eye of many visitors to the exhibition.
There seems to be something for every taste in our current exhibition, from art driven abstracts to traditional pieces shown off at a such a high level of competence. There are hangings, 3D pieces, embroidered beads and altered books to name but a few styles of work on display.
I have just finished making the cupcake bases for tomorrow using two new recipes. they both worked well except the red velvet sponge mix which has a whole bottle of red colouring in it has sprayed me from the mixer. My pale blue top now has red dots appearing all over it. it's not going to wash out is it? 


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  1. Sorry I couldn't make it over for the exhibition - but the work all looks amazing! Well done ladies!