Friday, 5 October 2012

Peterborough Embroiderer's Guild Exhibition

The Guild Exhibition is under way at Art and Stitch and is looking good. It really is a celebration of skill and artistry that shouldn't be missed by anyone with an interest in textiles and stitch. This piece by Chris Dunn just sings with colour and design and that is why I chose it for our poster advertising the event.
I'm starting to think about the five dozen cup cakes I'm making for the 'meet the artists' tea party on Sunday afternoon. They'll need to be a work of art to live up to the exhibition.
This is another piece I'm currently drooling over called Summer 2012 by Paula Mason. I can't tell you how much I love it!
For sheer prettiness and such a light touch this piece by Lin Oxley is capturing a lot of attention.

My work is in amongst all of this and as I've blogged about it many times  I won't show any more close ups of it, but I will say that the piece I call Sylvia's Workbox is receiving a lot of comment.
I will carry on posting shots of individual work for this and the coming week (whilst the exhibit is running). 
One Toltec motif -20 versions.


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  1. wow, I am impressed, we are hotfooting it down to see it all this week, cant wait