Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Walking on the Edge

It felt like walking on the edge a bit this afternoon. We took the two black Labs for a walk along the shoreline from the loch to the sea. It was bitterly cold but we were well wrapped up and the weak sun was trying to shine. When I looked at what we were doing here on the same day last year it was much the same thing but in shirt sleeves and light sweaters. A full fifteen degrees difference in temperature!
I'm thinking of the Guild exhibition going on for another week back in Peterborough and browsing through more images from the show.
This hanging; 'Flow' by Bev Mayo, really catches the eye especially placed next to this piece called 'Points and Curves' by Yvonne Wagstaff.
Both pieces are really strong on design and colour and although quite different 'sit' well together.

Another beautifully stitched piece of work by Linda Meacher who has several exquisitely embroidered pieces in the show. I love the complimentary colours she has chosen for this design.
Finally for today another gorgeous little Kingfisher by Kay Deplancke.

 Isn't he delightful? Birds have figured in several pieces this year, When they glow like this I can see why.



  1. That walk sounds delightful!

  2. I envy you being in Scotland at this time of year. I went to visit the Peterborough Embroiderers' exhibition today with two friends and we were blown away yet again (saw your last exhibition at the Museum)by the variety and quality of the work. Your beautiful piece 'Sylivia's Workbox' particularly spoke to me as I inherited a friend's workbox last year and have kept the contents. I loved the light through the 'Time Passes' series too. Having browsed your blog I am now following :-) Enjoy your holiday (PS I am a friend of Gina Ferrari. It's possible we may already have met at workshops at Art & Stitch).