Monday, 14 October 2013


Two posts in one day but this one is only a little bit related to the process pieces I'm posting at the moment.
Most Mondays I spend in the workroom with my friend Paula. We have a go at anything and any technique that captures our imagination, I enjoy the break from whatever I'm currently creating. This week it was plastic. I have used a garden sack and a piece of pea netting,  a muesli packet and a little bit of a Sainsbury carrier bag. 
A smidge of printing, machine and hand stitching, a tad of burning and some careful ironing. I like the spontaneity of this piece.

What fun to use some throw away items, it stopped me being concerned about the 'preciousness' of the materials and forced me to concentrate on design stitch.

I loved the piece that Paula produced, her art background always shows in her work and we spark off ideas continually. 

I thought as I'm also running the harvest moon piece at the moment I would confess to an amendment to the work in progress. As it is such a big piece of work (36"x 60") I suddenly decided the moon was out of scale. It has only taken an hour to re-cut the mask and paint the under colour, when it is dry I will gild the extension and hopefully problem solved.

A harvest moon is meant to be big!



  1. These 'recycled' pieces are great fun ... how I wish I had a Paula to meet with every week and play! My 'arty' friend meetings seem to be more formalised. Something to work on, I think.

  2. oh, I love those arty days, we have great fun with jean,its all looking great.