Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Process Day 4

After gilding my extended moon I have spent the day cutting the last shapes. I think this may be enough but I won't know for sure until everything is in its place. After ironing down in just the right position I have stitched my centre motif by free machining as close to the edge as possible, this took two hours. I console myself with the fact that I have done the most complex shape first. I decided not to back the work because the linen has quite a bit of body and I don't want it to look quilt like, when all the stitching is done I will add a backing of the same fabric. I have options then for stitching the two pieces together.

Now I can start to lay out the other 'stems' in relation to this focal point.

This will change I have no doubt, I need to put another 'mask' stem on the left hand side. It's almost a pity to have to flatten the stems with stitching, it has a wonderful 3D quality at this stage. When I am satisfied I will photograph for reference then remove all the loose pieces and start the process of pressing each one down, stitching it then move on to the next one. I will use matching threads except for any stems that need a bit more emphasis. This will keep me amused for a few days.


  1. It's ever more wonderful, day by day. It has the most extraordinary glow to it. Fantastic!

  2. This is looking very exciting and I loved what you did with the bondaweb backing. What a great idea! Looking forward to seeing more as this progresses.

  3. This is so stunning. I really like the way it is developing.

    I often use cheap felt to back projects that I don't want to look too quilted. It has no depth but gives the project a bit of oomph and can be much easier to handle than just the fabric.

    Another trick is to use vilene.

    Sorry - not meant to be telling you how to do anything! It looks so lovely.

  4. Loving it every time you do more to it.

  5. This is looking so atmospheric.