Saturday, 19 October 2013

Process Day 6 Completion

I finished Harvest Moon yesterday and by teatime it was up on my bedroom wall. I completed it  by giving it the curtain treatment, loose lining and a flat dowel in a channel along the top. It has the drape and weight I wanted it to have.

The finished piece.

The bedroom is the only ship free room in the house (my husband makes incredibly large model sailing ships among other things) so I have some pieces of my work on show in here. As we overlook fields and countryside my John Clare piece seems appropriate.

Including this blast from the past, a knitted wire, rubber and organza lampshade I made for my A level textiles some twelve years ago.

So  - a large piece of work completed in six days. I really recommend process sharing, it has motivated and organised my efforts. I was feeling a bit dithery about what to do next before I started this, but one thing has lead to another, as it often does and I'm envisaging my next project already. However before then I need to make some little 'pretties'.


  1. It is stunning Pam. You should be really pleased.

  2. Beautiful! And watching your process has been fascinating. SVMT for sharing.

  3. Just lovely Pam !
    I would love to lay down for an afternoon nap and be coaxed into a very peaceful sleep by gazing on this beautiful piece !

  4. Absolutely beautiful!!! What a stunning piece! And thank you so much for taking us along the journey of its making. Very inspirational.

  5. How lovely it looks, a recipe for sweet dreams. Glad to hear that it's also moved you on to the next piece of work too.

  6. An amazing piece of work Pam, wonderful!