Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Harvest Moon via Artvango

I only wanted some gold size for gilding, couldn't get any in town yesterday, too impatient to order online so a quick dash to Artvango was called for this morning. You seriously don't expect to come away with only the thing you wanted, we all know that it is eye candy for starving souls in that shop. I got away fairly lightly because my mind is set on my next project but I couldn't resist Ruth's latest book and several metres of specialist fabrics - wow - cotton organdie has gone up in price but there is nothing like it for working with.

A few weeks ago driving into Peterborough the sky was filled with a harvest moon - my husband explained for the umpteenth time the science behind why the moon seems so huge at this time of the year and as always it went totally over my head as I was lost in mentally laying out another piece of work in the herb series.

I'm working on black linen this time and gilding a huge harvest moon with the plant imagery on top.
I have started by experimenting with gilding techniques and trying out various sheer fabrics. I'm almost ready to start, I need to try some discharge paste on the black linen this evening to see if it will create another layer for the plant imagery.
I thought it might be fun to share process on this piece so starting tomorrow I will post as I work and show my techniques and ideas, on the other hand you can just look at the pictures if that's too boring. 


  1. Fascinating. It sounds fabulous. Cannot wait to see how it progresses so do share as you go.

  2. Ah yes - please do share as you go - it's always good to see how people work - inspiration, techniques and then the final result - fascinating.
    I'm rather bogged down at the moment with far too many ideas and different things on the go - so I'll certainly be watching! You may just help me focus myself.

  3. Not at all boring. Lovely to see the work in progress.

  4. I'm so glad that I don't live near to Art Van Go.

    I look forward to seeing the process, always fascinating.

  5. Do you need a whip and chair to restrain that mojo?